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the pixel vision

We can design better when we are immersed out in the real world, experiencing complex environments.

I worked over 12+ years in this industry and have seen how much the term "studio" has changed. These small groups are "killing it", out producing 30+ agency teams sitting that are sitting in offices. Agencies are overwhelmed with work, charging a premium for design services. We come in, and produce more for your buck. The thought that goes into these design outputs hasn't changed since Paul Rand's days - so why should we charge you more?

Our philosophy is that you don't have to charge an arm and a leg for beautiful work - just focus on showcasing your company's story and mission. In this, you will find something people are drawn too.

a family of freelancers

For a combined 200+ years we worked as freelancers.
And we still operate that way. We live all over the world.



ui & ux

product design

web & ecommerce

When we hire, we hire based on pure talent

Our hiring process is based on this family \ team spirit. We look for talented folks that have gone out in the world and experienced life. Why? - They make the best designers.

Our team is founded on the "pixel" mission. We have no office, no hours to check in, just goals and making sure we meet those goals every week. Give us a deadline, and we will meet it every time.


Our services are handcrafted and thoughtful. Add or subtract services to build your best project.

Branding & Logos

Refresh your brand with a new look with our quick and painless logo and brand services. Get up to 10 variations, with one that meets your mission and legacy. Your team will love our brand guidelines that depicts the logos on mock ups and more so that your business can run with assets and collateral.

UI & UX Design

UI UX Design includes the philosophy of human touch points on digital realms and can include layouts for web and mobile designs. This can include anything from views of the site, wireframes, sketches and diagrams for marketing or large scale software. Programs we use include Figma or Sketch.

Software & Product Design

Product design is a service that helps scale complex software with the use of human centered design approaches. Prototyping these systems are highly recommended as an add-on to this service to move the project from design to development. At Pixel we use prototyping tools such as Webflow or Framer JS to build developer-ready frontend prototypes.

Website & Ecommerce Design

Photoshop, Figma or Sketch to Webflow is something we are experts in. Get your design, or napkin sketch into Webflow to create a full-scale HTML website backed by Webflow's CMS system. Building an ecommerce site? Webflow can do this too. Get your interactive and animated site today.


These are some of our hard numbers

figma projects

Figma is a program we use to design complex software, web or digital projects.

awards won

Awwwards, CSS awards and FWA are all award sites that have given us some love.

cups of coffee

Actually most of our team members drink tea, and this number is much higher.

freelancers hired

Because of our office is all over the world, we have freelancers in over 12 different countries.

dedicated clients

We love our clients, and can't wait to meet more.

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Since 2008 we have delivered solutions for the Internet and been sharing them with the design community. Join us on Dribbble for our latest and most up to date portfolio.

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